XLP Diesel Fuel System Cleaner

(1 Pint) XLP Diesel Fuel Additive

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Brand: XLP Fuels
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For light & heavy-duty diesel engines.

A dirty fuel system can mean lower mileage and shorter engine life. Conditioning your engine’s insides with XLP® Diesel Fuel Performance Boosters restores lost fuel economy and power and improves engine performance.

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XLP Diesel Fuel Additive

XLP Diesel Additive is a treatment package designed to restore lost power while improving efficiency and aiding your fuel to meet or exceed the latest ASTM diesel fuel standards. Recommended year round use for wear scar protection and maximum efficiency of all Diesel motors.


One pint of treats 75 gallons of diesel fuel!

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XLP Fuel Additive's headquarters is located in Eau Claire, WI

Your consistent answer to inconsistent fuel!

"I've been using XLP Gas Additive in my 1997 Jeep Grand Cherokee for about four months! I instantly noticed better gas mileage and the engine just seems to be running smoother than it did before I started using XLP. I would recommend it to anyone!"
- Josh Myers from Eau Claire, WI